BIG MAX Autofold FF Push Golf Trolley

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BIG MAX Autofold FF Push Golf Trolley

The new BIG MAX Autofold FF Push Golf Trolley is a revolutionary product from the home of Europe’s leading Trolley manufacturer BIG MAX.

The ultra fast flat fold technology enables this golf trolley to be flat packed in a matter of seconds.

The BIG MAX Autofold FF Push Golf Trolley folds with a single hand movement. All three wheels of this golf trolley automatically fold down at the same time taking up less space in the boot or in your locker and generally making your life that little bit easier.

Alongside the stable axle construction the BIG MAX Autofold FF Trolley offers more comfort and stability than conventional compact trolleys. Even after years of use it’s as practical as it was on day one.

The new layout offers 2 Quick Fix and Quick Lok attachments to which optional accessories can be added. The Autofold FF is setting the standard in the premium golf trolley category.

The BIG MAX Autofold FF Push Golf Trolley Features:

  • The 3 wheel trolley can be folded together quickly and easily
  • Easy and quick handling thanks to the 'One Move Flat Fold technology'
  • Stable construction –even for heavy and large Tour bags
  • Straight axle design means absolute comfort when pushing
  • Wheels stay on track even after years on use
  • Compact and sporty design
  • New and improved organizer panel
  • Wheels fold in automatically
  • Adjustable bag fastening
  • Also suitable for stand bags
  • Extremely flat when folded down
  • 2 Quick Fix and 2 Quick Lok attachments
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Dimensions: (h x b x t) 78 x 23 x 60 cm

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