Callaway JAWS MD5 Platinum Chrome Golf Wedge

Loft & Bounce Options: 54.10S
Shaft Options: TT Dynamic Gold Tour Issue 115 S200
Flex Options: Stiff
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Introducing the Callaway JAWS MD5 wedges, a groundbreaking innovation in wedge design and performance.

Designed by Callaway Golf Chief Wedge Designer Roger Cleveland and his dedicated R&D team, the JAWS MD5 wedge features a revolutionary JAWS Groove that takes spin and control to a whole new level. This wedge delivers unmatched performance with its premium shapes, eye-catching finishes, exceptional feel, remarkable versatility, and outstanding spin capabilities.

Setting itself apart from the competition, the JAWS MD5 incorporates an innovative groove design that enhances spin and control compared to its predecessor, the MD4. The face of the wedge is meticulously crafted using an advanced manufacturing process, resulting in sharp edges and precise tolerances that have never been achieved before by Callaway.

Furthermore, the wedges include the proven Groove-In-Groove Technology, featuring milled Micro-Positive grooves in the flat parts of the face, adding surface roughness and grip. Three raised micro-ridges are strategically placed between each groove, further enhancing spin by providing 84 different contact points with the golf ball.

With five sole grinds available, catering to various playing styles, attack angles, and course conditions, the JAWS MD5 offers versatility that allows golfers to execute a wide range of shots from the fairway, rough, and sand. The wedge comes fitted as standard with the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue 115 Shaft and Lamkin UTX Black Grip, ensuring both performance and style in every swing. Elevate your short game with the game-changing Callaway JAWS MD5 wedges.

Callaway JAWS MD5 Platinum Chrome Golf Wedge Key Features:

  • JAWS MD5 features new proprietary JAWS grooves with a 37º wall angle for maximum grip and spin from all types of lies.
  • Groove-In-Groove Technology incorporates milled Micro-Positive grooves and micro-ridges for added surface roughness and grip, resulting in 84 different contact points to promote more spin.
  • Consistent spin-rates are achieved with JAWS grooves rendered to the tightest tolerances, inspiring confidence for all scoring zone shots.
  • Constructed from 8620 mild carbon steel for unparalleled feel, and the Center of Gravity is precisely placed for a soft yet substantial feel.
  • Premium wedge shape, construction, and finish designed by Chief Wedge Designer Roger Cleveland.
  • New Low-bounce W Grind with increased playability around the green and full shot versatility.
  • Updated C-grind with reduced bounce angle, wider middle section of the sole, and increased heel relief for enhanced versatility around the green.
  • Additional grind options include S, X, and higher bounce W Grind in various lofts.
  • Fitted as standard with Dynamic Gold Tour Issue 115 Shaft and Lamkin UTX Black Grip for a striking finish.


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