Cobra DARKSPEED Ladies Combo Set

Set Options: 5H / 6H / 7-PW / SW (7 CLUBS)
Shaft Options: KBS PGI 55
Flex Options: Ladies
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Cobra DARKSPEED Women's Combo Set: Unlock Your Distance Potential

The Cobra DARKSPEED Women's Combo Set is engineered to help female golfers unlock their distance potential with a combination of innovative technologies and a carefully crafted design. This combo set includes two hybrid and five irons, each designed to contribute to maximising distance, accuracy, and overall performance on the golf course. From the hybrids with a deep body design to the irons with a hollow body construction, this set is created to provide confidence-inspiring form, launch preparation, incredible speed, and unrivalled distance.

Hybrids: Form that Breeds Confidence

  1. Deep Body Design:

    • The hybrid features a deep body design, promoting confidence at address and improving turf interaction and stability through various turf conditions. The design ensures that golfers can approach shots with assurance, even in challenging lies.
  2. High Bounce Leading Edge:

    • The high bounce leading edge of the hybrid contributes to improved turf interaction, ensuring that the club glides smoothly through different turf conditions. This feature enhances the playability of the hybrid, making it suitable for a variety of lies.
  3. 12g Sole Weight:

    • A mid-back 12g sole weight is strategically placed to blend speed with high, towering ball flights. This weight positioning contributes to maximum carry distance, allowing golfers to achieve impressive distances with their shots.
  4. PWRSHELL Insert and Suspended PWR-BRIDGE:

    • The hybrid incorporates a PWRSHELL insert and suspended PWR-BRIDGE design, creating a more flexible face and sole. This construction enhances launch conditions and maximises ball speed, providing golfers with the tools needed for penetrating launches and optimal distance.
  5. A.I. Designed H.O.T. Face:

    • The A.I. designed H.O.T. Face on the hybrid features an optimised variable thickness pattern. This design choice ensures more efficient speed and spin across the entire clubface, contributing to consistent and powerful performance.

Irons: Hollow Body Construction

  1. Hollow Body Construction:

    • The irons in the combo set are designed with a hollow body construction, drawing inspiration from a metalwood design. This construction improves weight distribution and creates a more unsupported face, unlocking the maximum distance potential in each iron.
  2. Extreme Accuracy with A.I. Designed H.O.T. Face:

    • The A.I. designed H.O.T. Face in the irons delivers more efficient speed and spin. This design not only contributes to extreme accuracy but also produces a larger sweet spot, providing golfers with more opportunities for birdie looks.
  3. Maximum Ball Speed with Larger PWRSHELL Insert:

    • Each iron features a larger PWRSHELL insert, creating a more robust launch off the face. The refined PWR-BRIDGE weight, suspended on a single post, encourages more body flexion, resulting in faster ball speed and increased distance.

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