Sun Mountain H2NO Umbrella

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Sun Mountain H2NO Umbrella

The Sun Mountain H2NO Dual Canopy Umbrella is perfect for you to battle the inclement weather on the course! The intuitively designed couple canopy means it can be used even in wind! While the 68" (172cm) canopy provides excellent protection. 

The Sun Mountain H2NO Dual Canopy Umbrella also features added sun protection, the Protection Factor 30 coating gives you added UV Protection.

The Sun Mountain H2NO Umbrella Key Features:

  • 68” (172cm) Double Canopy Design Provides extended coverage which allows you to use it in the windiest and most wet conditions.
  • UV Protection – The Dual Canopy Features a Protection Factor 30 Coating meaning it is protective against the sun.
  • Auto-Opening – Quick and Easy
  • Ergonomic Handle – For comfortable gripping
  • Strong Wind Resistance – Extremely Durable

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