Mizuno K1-LO Stand Bag

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Mizuno K1-LO 20 Stand Bag

The Mizuno K1-LO 20 Stand Bag will blow your mind when you pick it up due to the fact it is almost weightless! The Mizuno K1-LO 20 Golf Bag is a shock to pick up – empty or full.

As you can probably guess the K1-LO (Kilo) is even named after its unbelievably low weight construction. It also comes in a fantastic range of colour schemes.

The K1-LO 20 Golf bags is built upon a carbon fibre construction and stand, stripping almost half its expected load.

To ensure it is also one of the most comfortable golf bags ever designed the high-density foam shoulder straps and intelligently placed pockets make it a joy for golfers who prefer to walk the course.

The Mizuno K1-LO 20 Stand Bag Key Features:

  • 4-Way Top Cuff with Side Grab Handles
  • 5 versatile pockets
  • Lightweight Composite Legs
  • Small Accessories Pocket
  • Towel Loop and matching rain hood

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