Theragun Elite Percussive Massager

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Theragun Elite Percussive Massager

Elegantly designed, lightweight, and fully personalized for your body’s needs. Thanks to its unparalleled power, the Theragun Elite is your ultimate wellness partner. Now more personalized than ever with a guided app experience to reduce your deep muscle tension, whether it comes from everyday life, work, or workout.

This is the Theragun Elite Percussive Massager part of the Therabody Golf Solutions range of massage aids and it is quieter than ever before. Powered by QuietForce technology, the device's uniquely insulated, brushless motor now runs 75% quieter than the previous generation; with less noise than a standard electric toothbrush.

Bluetooth Enabled Smart Percussive TherapyTM The Therabody app connects seamlessly via Bluetooth to deliver customized wellness routines pulled from your activity data. The app will guide you through each wellness routine, showing you all the unexpected ways our device can help enhance your life.

16mm amplitude reaches 60% deeper into the muscle than (at 40 times per second) than the average electronic massager to stimulate circulation, generate heat, and release your deepest tension.

This new model also delivers twice the battery life (120 minutes) of the previous TheraGun premium option, with convenient wireless charging of its internal lithium-ion battery.

Everyone has a tennis ball. But the attachments that come with the Theragun Elite have been precisely engineered to cater to everybody’s needs. All the attachments are fast and easy to swap out, allowing for speedy treatment.

The Theragun Elite Percussive Massager Attachments Included:

  • Dampener: For tender areas or near bones
  • Standard Ball: For overall use
  • Wedge: For scraping, shoulder blades or IT bands
  • Thumb: For trigger point therapy
  • Cone: For pinpoint muscle treatment

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