Wilson Staff Duo+ Optix Golf Balls

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Wilson Staff Duo+ Optix Golf Balls

These are the Wilson Staff Duo+ Optix Golf Balls. They have been revised with a smaller core so that the Duo+ Optix golf balls now travel more distance than ever before.

They also feature bolder, brighter matte colours that are sure to stand out in the air and on the course.

A smaller core gives Wilson Staff Duo+ Optix golf Balls more distance than ever before, while the bold matte colours are even brighter for a can’t-miss ball that always stands out.

The Duo+ family of Wilson Staff golf balls has been engineered to deliver the distance you need, the feel you love and the consistency you demand, round after round.

Wilson Staff Duo+ Optix Golf Balls Feature:

  • Semi-translucent high visibility cover
  • Easily track the ball in flight or located it quickly in all types of ground cover
  • Matte Finish Paint
  • Minimize sun glare off the ball at address
  • Soft, high resilience polybutadiene core
  • Exceptional feel and straighter flight off the tee
  • 1YR Manufacturer Warranty