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Introducing SpeedSoft Ink, a revolutionary addition to our lineup building on the ultra low-compression and soft feel golfers love. This innovative ball features a striking paint-splatter visual technology, designed with high contrast and visibility in mind. Drawing inspiration from our TP5/TP5x pix™ multi-axis print formula, SpeedSoft Ink delivers premium aesthetics at a more accessible price point.

SpeedSoft Ink brings together cutting-edge technology and style to create a golf ball that stands out on the course. Offered in four vibrant colorways (Green, Red, Blue, and Pink), it's a canvas of personality and flair, perfect for those who dare to defy convention.


  • Innovative SpeedSoft Core: Engineered for exceptional speed off the clubface, the SpeedSoft Golf Ball's advanced core ensures maximum distance with every swing.

  • Soft Feel Technology: Enjoy an unparalleled soft feel around the greens without sacrificing distance. Our Soft Feel Technology enhances touch and control, making it easier to finesse shots with confidence.

  • Aerodynamic Dimple Pattern: Meticulously designed dimple pattern minimizes drag and optimizes lift for a penetrating ball flight and superior stability in any weather condition.

  • Responsive Cover: The responsive cover promotes high spin and control, enabling precise approach shots and delicate pitches to attack the pin with precision.

  • Enhanced Greenside Performance: Benefit from superior greenside performance, navigating putting surfaces with finesse thanks to the ball's soft feel and spin capabilities.

  • Versatile for All Swing Speeds: Engineered to excel across a range of swing speeds, SpeedSoft Ink is suitable for a broad spectrum of golfers seeking to improve their game.

  • Optimized for Distance and Control: Strike the perfect balance between impressive distance off the tee and exceptional control around the green, providing a comprehensive solution for every aspect of your game.

  • High-Visibility Design: Ensure easy tracking of the ball in various lighting conditions with its high-visibility design, allowing you to maintain focus on your shots with confidence.

Elevate your game and express your individuality with SpeedSoft Ink - where technology meets style for unmatched performance and aesthetics on the course.

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