Callaway JAWS Raw Full Face Chrome Golf Wedge

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Loft & Bounce Options: 58° / 8° Z-Grind
Shaft Options: TT DG Tour Issue Spinner 115 VSS
Flex Options: Wedge Flex
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Introducing the Callaway JAWS Raw Full Face Wedge, the ultimate spin machine engineered to tackle any wedge shot with unmatched precision.

JAWS Raw brings an exceptional blend of artistry, craftsmanship, and innovation to your wedge game. Drawing from over 40 years of wedge design expertise, Roger has crafted a line of wedges that redefines scoring performance.

The JAWS Raw Wedge features cutting-edge technology, including grooves that extend across the entire face, providing added confidence and versatility to your short game. With options available in lob wedges featuring Z, S, and W grinds, JAWS Raw with full face grooves presents a unique opportunity for players seeking unparalleled spin across the entire hitting area.

Callaway has taken spin and control to new heights by leveraging grooves across the face, enhancing the groove-edge sharpness with a 37° wall angle. This innovative design ensures a "one hop and stop" trajectory, giving you precise control over your shots from 80 yards and in. The raw face further enhances the connection between the ball and the club face at impact, promoting unmatched feel and feedback. As a testament to its raw performance, the face may rust over time, adding character to your wedge's appearance.

Fitted as standard with the Dynamic Gold Spinner Shaft and the Lamkin UTX Black Grip, the Callaway JAWS Raw Full Face Wedge boasts a striking finish that exudes confidence and excellence. Whether you're executing delicate finesse shots or demanding approach shots, this wedge is your go-to companion to conquer any challenge on the course. Elevate your short game to new heights with the unmatched spin and precision of the Callaway JAWS Raw Full Face Wedge.

Callaway JAWS Raw Full Face Chrome Golf Wedge Key Features:

  • Spin Machine: Callaway has achieved unmatched spin and control by incorporating grooves across the entire face, utilizing a 37° wall angle for enhanced groove-edge sharpness. These grooves enable precise control and a "one hop and stop" trajectory from 80 yards and in. The raw face design promotes a direct connection between the ball and face, leading to rust over time.
  • Grooves Across the Face for Maximum Spin and Control: The most aggressive groove in golf extends across the entire face, instilling confidence at address and ensuring consistent groove-to-ball contact, even on off-center hits.
  • Enhanced Feel and Improved Scoring Performance: The centre of gravity (CG) is strategically positioned high in the design, resulting in a lower, more controlled trajectory. The Variable Weight Port System allows Callaway to move CG away from the heel, promoting solid contact and enhanced feel.
  • New Weight Balanced Design: Full-face wedges feature tungsten weighting to center the CG position, enhancing control and feel. The additional mass in the wedges provides a solid feel, even when opening the face for various shot options.
  • Premium Shaft & Grip: Fitted as standard with the Dynamic Gold Spinner Shaft and Lamkin UTX Black Grip, delivering both striking aesthetics and exceptional performance.

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