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The Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball is a fan favourite, delivering exceptional distance, control, and feel. The latest advancements in cover, core, and construction technologies have made this ball even better, with improved performance from tee-to-green.

The new HyperElastic SoftFast Core provides increased ball speed, particularly off the driver, while maintaining a soft feel off the irons and around the green. The multi-material construction and dynamic Hybrid Cover promote exceptional spin, outstanding feel, and short game control while delivering long-distance performance. The new softer cover system is engineered for even more greenside spin, making it an ideal choice for golfers who demand precision on and around the green.

The Soft Compression Core maximises energy transfer for high ball speeds, promoting high launch and low spin in longer clubs for added distance. Combined with HEX Aerodynamics, it's optimised to reduce drag and enhance lift, leading to increased carry and higher flight.

With its exceptional combination of distance, control, and feel, the Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball has become a popular choice for golfers of all skill levels. Its soft feel and superior performance have made it one of the most preferred golf balls on the market. If you're looking for a ball that delivers both super long distance and greenside control, the Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball is the perfect choice for you.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls Key Features:

  • Super long distance
  • Greenside control
  • HyperElastic SoftFast Core for increased ball speed and soft feel
  • Multi-material construction and dynamic Hybrid Cover for exceptional spin and feel
  • Soft Compression Core for high launch and low spin in longer clubs
  • HEX Aerodynamics for reduced drag and enhanced lift
  • Enhanced greenside spin with a new softer cover system

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Terry Kunne
Golf balls

Just as discribed thanks Terry