Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke HL Left Handed Golf Steel Irons

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Set Options: 5-PW (6 Irons)
Shaft Options: True Temper Elevate MPH 85
Flex Options: Regular
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The Paradym Ai Smoke HL Irons herald a groundbreaking advancement in iron performance, particularly tailored for golfers requiring higher launch to optimise distance and accuracy on the greens.

Driven by the innovative Ai Smart Face, these irons leverage real player data and advanced machine learning to generate a multitude of sweet spots across the face. The result is exceptional distance coupled with precise shot dispersion, revolutionising iron performance. Through the Ai Smart Face optimisation process, swing data from thousands of golfers, including swing speed, club delivery, and face orientation, is utilised to craft a face that maximises distance by launching higher with increased spin.

The HL model is intelligently engineered with a deep cavity back construction, augmented by precision tungsten weighting, to achieve a low, deep center of gravity (CG) for towering ball flights. An all-new shape featuring longer blade lengths and optimised sole and topline widths instills confidence at address while maintaining a clean aesthetic.

Callaway's Ai advancements not only enhance distance but also balance control and precision. By leveraging Ai technology, longer club lengths in the mid and long irons promote increased swing speed and distance without sacrificing control or shot dispersion, marking a significant evolution in iron design.

The modern design of the HL model harmonises with classic cavity back construction, offering both visual appeal and performance benefits. Additionally, the Dynamic Sole Design ensures improved turf interaction, featuring a pre-worn leading edge with variable bounce for efficient turf cutting and exceptional forgiveness on all shots.

Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke HL Left Handed Golf Steel Irons Key Features:

  • A Total Revolution in Iron Performance from an Industry-First Ai Smart Face: Utilizing swing data from real golfers, the Ai Smart Face maximises distance with precise shot dispersion, ushering in a new era of iron performance.
  • Balancing Distance, Control, and Precision Through Ai Advancements: Callaway's Ai process allows for increased club length in the mid and long irons, promoting distance without sacrificing control, providing golfers with a balanced blend of distance and precision.
  • Modern Design Meets Classic Cavity Back Construction: The HL model features a deep cavity back construction with precision tungsten weighting for a high, towering flight, complemented by a visually appealing design with longer blade lengths and optimized sole and topline widths.
  • Improved Turf Interaction from Dynamic Sole Design: The Dynamic Sole Design ensures efficient turf cutting and exceptional forgiveness on all shots, promoting crisp contact and enhancing overall performance.
  • Premium Shaft & Grip: Fitted with True Temper Elevate MPH shafts and the Lamkin Crossline 360 grip, ensuring high-quality components to complement the iron's performance and feel.

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