Cobra DARKSPEED Max Golf Driver

Loft Options: 9.0°
Shaft Options: UST LIN-Q M40X Red 6
Flex Options: Regular
Sale price£429.00 Regular price£449.95


The Cobra Darkspeed Max Driver is engineered for golfers seeking optimal accuracy, forgiveness, and the flexibility to customise their ball trajectory. This driver stands out as Cobra's fastest yet, incorporating aerospace engineering and cutting-edge materials to deliver a driver that combines speed, forgiveness, and a sleek aesthetic.

Key Features:

  1. Optimal Accuracy and Forgiveness:

    • The Darkspeed Max Driver is designed to provide optimal accuracy and forgiveness, making it an ideal choice for golfers who prioritise a higher launch and a straighter ball trajectory. The refined clubhead shape contributes to a confident look at address, setting the stage for maximum performance on the tee.
  2. Aerospace Engineering and Space-Grade Materials:

    • Cobra's commitment to innovation is evident in the use of aerospace engineering and space-grade materials. These elements have been carefully integrated to create the fastest driver in Cobra's lineup. Golfers can expect a driver that pushes the boundaries of speed and performance.
  3. Adjustable Back and Heel Weight Positioning:

    • The Darkspeed Max Golf Driver offers customisable performance with adjustable back and heel weight positioning. Golfers can fine-tune their draw bias by placing the weight in the back for extreme forgiveness or in the heel for unparalleled accuracy. This flexibility allows players to tailor the driver to their specific preferences and playing style.
  4. Sleek Clubhead Shape:

    • The refined clubhead shape not only enhances aerodynamics for increased speed but also contributes to a sleek and confident look at address. Golfers can step up to the tee with the assurance that the Darkspeed Max Driver combines style with high-level performance.
  5. Low-Mid Spin Design:

    • The driver features a low-mid spin design, catering to players who want to control their spin rates for optimal distance and accuracy. This design element adds versatility to the Darkspeed Max Driver, making it suitable for a variety of player preferences.
  6. Standard Shaft and Grip:

    • The driver comes equipped with a UST LIN-Q M40X Red 5 shaft, known for its performance characteristics. The standard grip is a Lamkin Crossline Black STD 58R, providing a comfortable and secure hold for every swing.
  7. 1-Year Warranty:

    • Cobra stands behind the quality and performance of the Darkspeed Max Driver with a 1-year warranty, providing golfers with confidence in their investment.

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