Cobra DARKSPEED X Golf Driver

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Loft Options:
Shaft Options: UST LIN-Q M40X White 6
Flex Options: Stiff
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The Cobra Darkspeed X Golf Driver takes your golf game to new heights, offering a swift, low-spin design with moderate trajectory and enhanced forgiveness. Whether you're a Tour professional or an amateur player, this driver is designed to deliver exceptional speed, power, and distance with every swing.

Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Aero Shape Design:

    • The Darkspeed X features an enhanced aero shape design, including a streamlined face to topline radius, a higher crown peak, raised skirt, and reduced clubface surface area. This meticulous design optimisation contributes to improved speed, allowing you to generate more power and control.
  2. PWR-BRIDGE Weight for Increased Ball Speed:

    • The strategically positioned PWR-BRIDGE weight, placed lower and more forward, unleashes faster ball speeds. This innovative weight placement significantly enhances ball speed, resulting in longer and more powerful shots off the tee.
  3. 10% Larger PWRSHELL L-Cup Face:

    • The clubface boasts a 10% larger PWRSHELL L-cup face, providing a larger sweet spot and increased distance. The expanded face area ensures that even off-center hits deliver impressive performance. The A.I. designed H.O.T. Face technology further enhances speed and spin efficiency across the entire clubface.
  4. Low Spin Design:

    • The Darkspeed X Golf Driver is engineered for a low-spin design, offering a trajectory that suits both Tour professionals and amateur players seeking optimal control and distance.
  5. Standard Shaft and Grip:

    • The driver comes equipped with a UST LIN-Q M40X Blue 6 shaft, known for its performance characteristics. The standard grip is a Lamkin Crossline Black STD 58R, providing a comfortable and secure hold for every swing.
  6. 1-Year Warranty:

    • Cobra stands behind the quality and performance of the Darkspeed X Golf Driver with a 1-year warranty, providing golfers with confidence in their investment.

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