Cobra KING TEC Utility Golf Iron Hybrid

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Loft Options: 2 Iron (17°)
Shaft Options: MCA MMT HYBRID 70
Flex Options: Regular
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Unleash your potential on the course with the new Cobra KING Tec Graphite Utility Iron, a pinnacle of versatility designed for discerning ball strikers who demand precision with a touch of forgiveness.

Hollow Construction: Powering Your Shots with Super Speed

  • The hollow body construction of the KING Tec Graphite Utility Iron powers your shots with super speed off the face. Ideal for players who seek ultimate precision, this iron excels in delivering high-speed performance with a forgiving touch.

Foam-Filled Head: Adding Distance, Enhancing Feel

  • The head is ingeniously filled with a softer yet lighter foam, striking the perfect balance between modern power and classic tour aesthetics. This combination not only adds impressive distance to your shots but also enhances the overall feel for an unparalleled golfing experience.

Tungsten Weighting: Lower Spin, Increased Distance

  • Experience maximum carry and longer total distance with the strategically placed 61g tungsten weight. Lowering the centre of gravity, this feature reduces spin, offering the perfect blend of accuracy and distance for exceptional performance on the course.

Forged PWRSHELL Face: Flexible, Responsive, Powerful

  • The forged PWRSHELL Face introduces more flexibility and energy transfer than traditional face inserts. Acting like a trampoline for your golf club, it ensures faster ball speed and a higher launch, providing the extra oomph needed for optimal performance.

H.O.T Face Technology: AI-Designed Efficiency Across the Face

  • Harness the power of artificial intelligence with H.O.T Face Technology, which meticulously designs a variable thickness pattern. The result is a face that maximises speed and spin across every inch, delivering consistent and efficient performance.

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