Mizuno Pro 243 Golf Steel Irons

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Set Options: 4-PW (7 Irons)
Shaft Optons: Dynamic Gold Mid 115
Flex Options: Stiff
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The Mizuno Pro 243 represents a leap forward in compactness and precision, offering enhanced speed off the face and a more gratifying feel at impact compared to its predecessor.

Crafted through meticulous attention to detail, the Mizuno Pro 243 is a testament to the enduring partnership between Mizuno's R&D team and its exclusive Grain Flow Forging plant in Hiroshima, Japan.

Constructed from 120 Chromoly with Flow Microslot, these irons feature a wider and longer micro-slot to create an expansive high-energy area on the club face, resulting in higher flight and faster ball speeds. The addition of 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon Steel ensures a solid feel and control where needed most, with modern lofts maintaining consistent distance gaps throughout the set.

Standard features include premium components such as the Dynamic Gold Mid 115 shaft and Multi Compound Teams Black/Grey grips. For further customisation, players can opt for any upgrade shaft or grip at no additional cost through custom build.

Key Features:

  • FORGED IN HIROSHIMA JAPAN: Each iron is Grain Flow Forged HD from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel at Mizuno's renowned facility in Hiroshima, Japan, where Mizuno irons have been produced since 1968.

  • SOFT COPPER UNDERLAY: A micro layer of copper beneath Nickel Chrome enhances the sensational feel of the Grain Flow Forged heads.

  • 120 CHROMOLY WITH FLOW MICROSLOT: The irons feature 120 Chromoly with Flow Microslot technology, creating a wider and longer micro-slot for increased ball speeds and higher flight.

  • 1025E PURE SELECT MILD CARBON STEEL: Provides a solid feel and control, with modern lofts ensuring consistent distance gaps.

  • HARMONIC IMPACT TECHNOLOGY: Applied to closely match vibration patterns for a soft muscle-back feel.

  • WRAP AROUND SOLE GRIND: Heavy relief around the sole improves turf interaction, transitioning seamlessly from the micro-slot 7 iron to traditional 8 iron construction.

  • EXCEPTIONALLY COMPACT PLAYERS PROFILE: Dramatically reduced top line and blade length throughout the set.

  • INCREASED BOUNCE ANGLE: Improved turf interaction with a one-degree increase in the long irons and two degrees in the scoring irons.

  • FULL SATIN BRUSH: A less reflective, modern finish.

  • PREMIUM SHAFT & GRIP: Standard components include the Dynamic Gold Mid 115 shaft and Multi Compound Teams Black/Grey grips, with options for further customisation at no extra cost.

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