Odyssey White Hot Versa Twelve Golf Putter

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Introducing the Odyssey White Hot Versa Golf Putters, featuring the enhanced Versa alignment system for improved accuracy on the greens. This proven, major-winning technology utilises a black and white high contrast alignment design, assisting golfers in achieving proper alignment at address and throughout their stroke. By highlighting the correct face angle, it enhances concentration and aids in sinking more putts. Combined with the iconic White Hot insert, renowned for its incredible feel, sound, and performance, the White Hot Versa Golf Putters have become favourites among both tour players and golfers of all levels.

To further enhance performance, Odyssey has upgraded the Stroke Lab shaft in the newest generation of White Hot Versa putters. By shortening the steel section of the shaft, weight has been reduced by seven grams compared to the previous model. This weight optimisation, along with increased stiffness and stability, provides golfers with improved consistency in their stroke and overall performance on the greens. Experience the exceptional alignment capabilities and enhanced stroke performance of the Odyssey White Hot Versa Golf Putters and take your putting game to the next level.

Odyssey White Hot Versa Twelve Golf Putter Key Features:

  • Versa Alignment: Incorporates the proven Versa Alignment technology, widely used and successful on tours worldwide. The black and white high contrast alignment system aids golfers in aligning their putts at address and throughout their stroke. It emphasises the correct face angle, enhancing concentration and resulting in more successful putts.
  • White Hot Insert: The putter features the original White Hot insert, known for its exceptional feel, sound, and performance. This two-part urethane insert has been a long-time favourite of both tour players and recreational golfers, delivering outstanding results on the greens.
  • Red Stroke Lab Shaft: The latest generation of Odyssey's Stroke Lab shaft is featured in red. This multi-material shaft has undergone improvements, including a reduction in weight by seven grams through a shorter steel section. The enhanced design offers increased stiffness and stability, resulting in improved consistency in your stroke and overall performance.

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