TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls

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Introducing the Distance+ Golf Balls, meticulously crafted to deliver high-velocity performance and exceptional distance on every shot. Engineered with cutting-edge features, these golf balls are designed to elevate your game by combining speed, soft feel, and precise aerodynamics.

Key Features:

  1. High-Velocity Performance:

    • The Distance+ golf balls are engineered for speed, allowing you to achieve maximum distance on all your shots. The fast REACT Speed core, coupled with advanced aerodynamics, ensures that every swing translates into impressive ball speed.
  2. 2-Layer Construction:

    • The golf balls feature a 2-layer construction, optimising the interaction between the core and cover for enhanced performance. This construction is designed to provide a balanced combination of distance, feel, and control.
  3. Ionomer Cover with 342 Dimple Pattern:

    • The durable ionomer cover, adorned with a 342 dimple pattern, contributes to the ball's overall performance. This cover design enhances aerodynamics, providing consistent ball flight and stability through various playing conditions.
  4. Low 77 Compression:

    • With a low 77 compression, these golf balls offer a soft feel while maintaining the responsiveness needed for distance. The compression rating ensures that the ball responds effectively to a wide range of swing speeds.
  5. Mid Launch and Soft Feel:

    • Achieve a mid launch trajectory with a soft feel off the clubface. The combination of ball construction and compression results in an optimal balance between launch height and overall feel during play.
  6. Mid to High Wedge Spin:

    • The Distance+ golf balls deliver mid to high wedge spin, providing you with control and precision on approach shots and around the greens. This spin characteristic enhances your ability to stop the ball where you intend.
  7. MAX Distance with Alignment Aid:

    • Experience maximum distance with the Distance+ golf balls, allowing you to reach new lengths on the course. Additionally, the inclusion of an alignment aid on the ball provides a visual reference to assist with alignment and putting accuracy.

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