Cobra DARKSPEED Ladies Golf Hybrid

Loft Options: 4 Hybrid (21°)
Shaft Options: KBS PGI 55
Flex Options: Ladies
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The Ladies Cobra Darkspeed Golf Hybrid is meticulously crafted to deliver increased distance, a higher launch, and exceptional forgiveness on longer approach shots. With a focus on adaptability, this hybrid is designed to provide female golfers with the precision and versatility needed to tackle various lies and navigate the course with confidence. Featuring an advanced design, distinctive colourway, and player-friendly components, the Darkspeed Golf Hybrid enhances comfort, feel, and overall performance.

Key Features:

  1. Increased Distance and Higher Launch:

    • The Darkspeed Golf Hybrid is engineered to provide increased distance and a higher launch, making it an ideal choice for longer approach shots. The combination of advanced technologies and design elements ensures that golfers can achieve optimal distance and trajectory on their shots.
  2. Adaptability for Various Lies:

    • Experience greater precision and versatility with the hybrid's adaptability for creating shots from various lies. Whether you're facing challenging course conditions or navigating deep pins, the Darkspeed Golf Hybrid is designed to offer the adaptability needed to tackle different scenarios on the course.
  3. Distinctive Colourway:

    • The hybrid boasts a distinctive colourway, adding a touch of style to your golf bag. The visually appealing design reflects Cobra's commitment to combining performance with aesthetics, creating a club that stands out on the course.
  4. Lighter-Weight Shaft:

    • The hybrid features a lighter-weight shaft, contributing to overall club weight and swing feel. This design choice aims to enhance the golfer's experience by providing a club that is easy to handle, promoting a smoother swing and improved control.
  5. Ergonomic Grip for Comfort:

    • The Darkspeed Golf Hybrid is equipped with an ergonomic grip, prioritising comfort during your swing. The grip is designed to fit comfortably in the hands, promoting a secure hold and reducing the risk of fatigue during extended play.
  6. Deep Body and High Bounce Leading Edge:

    • The advanced design of the hybrid includes a deep body and high bounce leading edge. This configuration enhances turf interaction and stability on various types of turf. Whether you're playing from the fairway, rough, or other lies, the hybrid's design contributes to consistent performance.
  7. Standard Shaft: PGI 55:

    • The standard shaft for the Ladies Cobra Darkspeed Golf Hybrid is the PGI 55. This shaft is selected for its performance characteristics, providing a balance of flexibility and stability to suit the needs of female golfers.
  8. Standard Grip: Lamkin Crossline:

    • The hybrid comes with a standard Lamkin Crossline grip, known for its quality and comfortable feel. The grip is an essential component in ensuring a golfer's connection with the club, promoting confidence and control.
  9. 1-Year Warranty:

    • Cobra stands behind the quality and performance of the Ladies Cobra Darkspeed Golf Hybrid with a 1-year warranty. This warranty reflects Cobra's commitment to delivering high-quality golf equipment and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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