Cobra DARKSPEED Ladies Iron Set

Set Options: 6-PW / SW (6 Clubs)
Shaft Options: KBS PGI 55
Flex Options: Ladies
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The Cobra Darkspeed Women's Irons are meticulously crafted to deliver the perfect combination of speed, distance, and feel, making them a game-changing addition to Cobra's lineup. These irons feature cutting-edge technologies, including an all-new hollow body construction, foam-filled cavity, and re-engineered PWR-BRIDGE and PWRSHELL technologies. Designed to be Cobra's longest and best-feeling game improvement iron set to date, the Darkspeed Women's Irons are engineered for golfers seeking enhanced performance across the entire set.

Key Features:

  1. Hollow Body Construction:

    • The Darkspeed Women's Irons adopt an all-new hollow body construction that creates a thinner and more responsive clubhead structure. This construction unlocks up to 25% more face flexion, resulting in faster ball speeds and longer distances.
  2. Feel Enhancing Foam:

    • The hollow body of the irons is injected with feel-enhancing foam microspheres. These microspheres expand to fill the internal cavity, supporting the PWR-BRIDGE weight and providing vibration-dampening properties. The result is a soft feel and pleasing sound upon impact.
  3. Progressive TECFLO Construction:

    • The irons feature a progressive TECFLO construction that optimizes performance through the set. In the 5-7 irons, a full hollow design with PWR-BRIDGE and PWRSHELL is employed. The 8-PW transition to a full hollow body with no face insert, and the GW-SW feature a half hollow design.
  4. Extreme Accuracy with A.I. Designed H.O.T. Face:

    • An A.I. designed H.O.T. Face is incorporated into the irons to deliver more efficient speed and spin. This advanced face design produces a larger sweet spot, increasing the likelihood of successful birdie attempts and enhancing overall accuracy.
  5. Maximum Ball Speed and Unrivalled Distance:

    • The larger PWRSHELL insert contributes to a more robust launch off the face. The refined PWR-BRIDGE weight, suspended on a single post, encourages more body flexion, resulting in faster ball speed. The combined technologies unlock unrivalled distance, providing golfers with a powerful advantage.

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