Cobra DARKSPEED Max Golf Ladies Fairway Wood

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Loft Options: 3 Wood (18.5° Adjustable )
Flex Options: Ladies
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The Ladies Cobra Darkspeed Max Golf Fairway Wood is crafted to elevate your fairway game with cutting-edge technologies and customisable features. With a focus on flexibility, launch, and ball speed, this fairway wood is designed to provide optimal performance for female golfers. Whether you're navigating the fairway or looking for off-the-tee confidence, the Darkspeed Max Fairway Wood delivers versatility, precision, and adjustable features for a personalised playing experience.

Key Features:

  1. PWRSHELL Insert and PWR-BRIDGE Technology:

    • The fairway wood incorporates a PWRSHELL insert and PWR-BRIDGE with suspended weight. This combination enhances the flexibility of both the face and sole, leading to increased launch and ball speed. The strategic use of advanced materials and engineering ensures a powerful and efficient fairway wood.
  2. A.I. Designed H.O.T. Face:

    • The A.I. designed H.O.T. Face (High-Optimized Tolerance) features a variable thickness pattern. This pattern is optimised for speed and spin across the entire clubface, ensuring consistent performance on each shot. The innovative face design contributes to enhanced distance and precision.
  3. Adjustable Back and Heel Weight Positions:

    • The Ladies Cobra Darkspeed Max Golf Fairway Wood offers adjustable back and heel weight positions, providing golfers with the ability to customise the draw bias. This feature allows for precise adjustments, instilling confidence both on the fairway and off the tee. Achieve the ideal balance of forgiveness and control with this customisable fairway wood.
  4. Trajectory Tuning for Adjustability:

    • The DARKSPEED fairway woods offer enhanced trajectory tuning, providing increased adjustability for better spin and forgiveness optimisation. This feature allows golfers to fine-tune their fairway shots to match their playing style and preferences, ensuring versatility and performance across various situations on the course.
  5. Three Models for Varied Performance:

    • Golfers can choose from three models – LS, X, and MAX – each designed to offer unique performance characteristics. Whether you prefer lower spin, maximum forgiveness, or a balanced combination, these models cater to different playing styles and swing preferences.
  6. Right-Handed Configuration:

    • The Ladies Cobra Darkspeed Max Golf Fairway Wood is available in a right-handed configuration, catering to the majority of golfers. The club's design and features are optimised for right-handed players seeking exceptional performance from their fairway wood.
  7. Standard Shaft and Grip:

    • The fairway wood comes equipped with a UST LIN-Q M40X shaft, known for its performance and reliability. The standard grip is a Lamkin Crossline, providing a comfortable and secure hold. These components contribute to the overall feel and playability of the fairway wood.
  8. 1-Year Warranty:

    • Cobra stands behind the quality and performance of the Ladies Cobra Darkspeed Max Golf Fairway Wood with a 1-year warranty. This warranty reflects Cobra's commitment to delivering high-quality golf equipment and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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