Cobra Left Handed Snakebite X 23 Golf Wedge

Loft & Bounce Options: 48° / 10° Teardrop
Shaft Options: KBS MAX 85
Flex Options: Stiff
Sale price£129.00 Regular price£139.95


Take your short game to the next level with the Left-Handed SNAKEBITE X Wedge, featuring a forgiving cavity back design that instills confidence, consistency, and creativity in every shot.

Fear No Lie: Control the course with confidence. The forgiving cavity back design of the SNAKEBITE X Wedge empowers you to play every shot with enhanced consistency while encouraging creativity on the greens.

Short-Game Changing Forgiveness and Feel: Experience game-changing forgiveness through the hollow cavity back design, providing a soft feel with the added benefit of a TPU insert behind the sweet spot. This insert ensures a cushiony feel on every swing, making your short game even more enjoyable.

Superior Spin Performance: Maximize spin and performance in any conditions with the ultra-precise CNC Milled SNAKEBITE grooves. These grooves are 11% deeper and feature 40% sharper edges, delivering superior spin performance, especially on shots from the toe.

Teardrop Grind: The new teardrop-shaped grind enhances forgiveness and versatility, allowing you to tackle various types of turf and bunkers with ease. This grind adds an extra layer of adaptability to your short game.

Key Features:

  • Hollow Cavity Back Design:

    • Provides extreme forgiveness and versatility.
  • TPU Insert:

    • Ensures a cushiony feel behind the sweet spot.
  • SNAKEBITE Groove Technology:

    • Ultra-precise CNC milled grooves with sharper edges for maximum spin.
  • Teardrop Grind:

    • Forgiveness and versatility on various types of turf and bunkers.
  • Updated Face Milling Pattern:

    • Produces 50% more spin in wet conditions compared to the previous generation wedge.
  • Full Face Grooves:

    • Maximize spin performance on shots with an open face.

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